Montag, 7. Februar 2011


Sitting here on top of the world
I got everything
I need from this world
Oh tonight, I got it right
Just one time

Cruising down the Sunset Strip
And there is nothing that's not,
That's not within my grip
Oh tonight, I can fly
I can fly

Look at me for the very last time
I've climbed so high
I've got no place left to climb
And I know, no tomorrow

Rock star, pop star, everybody dies
All tomorrow's parties
They have happened tonight
And I know that I won't see tomorrow

hübsche frau, solch eine rebellin
They're for real life
They tried to steal my soul
I've got pills when Famous
I got pills when you're old
I've got pills cause I'm bored
I've got pills cause you're dead
I've got cause I am the worst and best dressed

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